Life #ThroughGlass: Finding My Comfort Zone

A Time and Place

In response to my first post about Google Glass, a friend of mine commented on Facebook:

I had a feeling that the experience of wearing these all the time could be drowned out by the ‘geek’ factor. It is exactly what happens with Bluetooth. Should a Bluetooth headset be in your ear ALL the time to get the most out of it? Absolutely. Do I go out in public with it in my ear? Absolutely not!

This got me thinking about my apprehension in regards to wearing Glass out in public.  There’s certainly a time and place for everything.  Should I wear Glass at work?  At the gym?  In a public restroom?  No, no, and a resounding no!  Should I wear it at a concert?  At a sporting event?  On vacation?  To quote my favorite pro wrestler, Daniel Bryan: “YES! YES! YES!”

Look Ma, No Hands!

A couple of weeks ago, I went with some friends to see an up and coming indie rock band out of Los Angeles that goes by the name of Kitten.  You probably haven’t heard of them, but you probably should check them out:

Concerts these days are synonymous with seeing about half the crowd holding up cameras and camera phones at some point during the show to get some photos or even video of the performance.  Hell, I’ve even seen the occasional village idiot hold up an iPad to take photos (you do know the iPhone in your pocket takes better shots, right, man?).  Anyway… those glowing screens can be a nuisance and a distraction, save for the moment where the crowd calls for an encore by holding up phones in place of lighters – I still get a kick out of that.  Wouldn’t it be great, though, to be able to take all the photos and video you want without having to watch the show through a handheld screen?  

Enter:  Google Glass.  I took hundreds of photos and 10-15 minutes of video with very little effort over the course of the concert.  Did most of the photos suck?  Yeah, kinda.  But the same usually goes for photos you’d take with your phone, or even point and click – you almost need professional equipment to get the really good shots.  Was it a suitable replacement, then, in terms of quality?  You tell me.

That following weekend, I went on a fishing expedition with some friends in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Mexico, by way of San Diego.  It was one of those moments that really stood out to me, because I could remain in the moment – reeling in a fish with both hands – and take photo / video as I did it! I even caught some video footage of dolphins out at sea – never seen anything like it, and didn’t have to go grab a camera and look through the screen at what was happening all around us.


Before heading back to the Arizona desert, there was one thing I knew I had to do.  I remember hearing about the restoration project that took place when I was a kid, to renovate The Giant Dipper roller coaster at Belmont Park / Mission Beach.  I HAD to ride it while wearing Google Glass.  Next stop:  Six Flags, Magic Mountain?  Disneyland would be awesome, too…


Celebrity Status

When we were in San Diego, it happened to be Comicon weekend.  I know, don’t even get me started on the missed opportunity that might have been cosplay + Google Glass…  With all the madness at the convention center, we had to go a little bit out of the way, to La Jolla, to get a room.  But on the plus side, we stayed at a nice resort among quite a few celebrities who didn’t want to stay in the middle of the action.  What really got me, though, was the fact that I got a lot more stares and attention than any of them.

When you’re wearing Glass, people want to talk to you.  They want to know what it’s capable of.  They want to know why I have them and nobody else does.  Though it can get to be repetitive, it’s kind of fun to experience that and field those questions.  People tend to be pretty excited about this sort of new technology, and almost all of the feedback I got was positive.

The same sort of treatment continued this past weekend when I wore them to the Padres @ Dbacks game at Chase Field.  The Dbacks got crushed, but I was still in good spirits as Glass proved to be rather entertaining.  From taking random photos, to talking to everyone around me, to even being approached by a member of the Padres and having a conversation with him about Glass – there was plenty to keep me distracted from the score.

baseball1…and hey, if it ever becomes too much, or I want to be left alone?  I just put them away, and fade back into the crowd.  But not before I record one more video!


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