Charlottesville: Race and Terror

A lot happened while we were enjoying our time in the Pacific Northwest. I heard about our President antagonizing North Korea. I wasn’t surprised. I heard about violence erupting in Charlottesville. I was saddened, but I’d be lying if I said I was entirely surprised. Whether he means to or not, our President has empowered people of extremely horrible backgrounds to come forward and show their hatred and bigotry to the world.

What really shocks me is that when this came to a head, Donald Trump continued to fail as the leader of our country. When faced with violence and hatred within our own borders, he failed to condemn the root cause of it all. I am having a really hard time processing that.

This week, I’ve seen the following video posted by several friends on Facebook. I just watched it and had a really hard time getting through it without breaking down into tears because of the realization of what sort of evil lives among us.

Some of the worst fears we had last November when Donald Trump was elected are starting to come to fruition. The lack of leadership from our President is extremely worrisome. I doubt he’ll ever be the strong and compassionate leader we need. He hasn’t shown us any reason to believe he’s capable of that.

The existence of free will means that we’ll never eradicate all evil, but we can’t let it break us or stoop to their level either.

I believe in this country, and that most of us are good people. We must stay strong, and we’ll get through the next few years.

Hug your friends and family, work together with your neighbors to make your community a better place to live, and make your voice heard next time we step into the voting booth for the good of our society, and frankly – the world. We’re better than this.

Update: Thank you, Tina Fey. ? ?? ❤️

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