Tater Madness, Round One

The Truffle Shuffle has been CANCELED!
The Truffle Shuffle has been CANCELED!

Round One is now officially under way, as the results of the play in round have been set:

  • Wedges narrowly edged Steak Cut fries in the Thick Cut Throwdown
  • Garlic Fries DESTROYED Truffle Fries in the Special Play In
  • Sweet Potato Tots got out to an early lead, but ultimately lost to Regular Tater Tots in the Tots Tussle

Now begins the true test of spud strength and stamina. 

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1. Seasoned Curly Fries vs. 8. Wedges (with skin)

4. Regular French Fries vs. 5. Sweet Potato Fries

3. Shoestring Fries vs 6. Garlic Fries

2. Waffle Fries vs 7. Tater Tots


Updated bracket: