The Next Big Thing

No, not that Next Big Thing.

After over five years working at TBConsulting, I have decided to move on to new opportunities, and I am truly excited.  First, I have to say I am eternally grateful for my boss and coworkers, as I would not have the opportunities today if not for them and all of the challenges we faced and successes we celebrated together at TBC.

I’ll be starting in November at Integrate, where I’ll continue my growth as a software developer – but I don’t plan to stop at that.  There are a lot of talented, intelligent, and experienced folks there in the world of product development and marketing services – my hopes are to be able to learn a lot from them and keep growing in my career.

On top of Baxter Pass, Elevation: 12,326 ft. – July 2012

Where will I be in five years?  Maybe I’ll be director of digital marketing at an ad agency.  Maybe I’ll be a cofounder of a few companies.  Maybe I’ll have hit the big one and am already acting as a venture capital investor.  Who knows?

All I know is this – wherever you are in your career, make the most of it.  Learn what you can, teach what you can, and have a goal in mind.  Climb that mountain!  Your job doesn’t just have to be a job – it is what you make it.