Since 2006, our UofA tailgates have featured an Apple iPod Hifi speaker. At $400+ it was admittedly overpriced, but it did the job well enough for us over the years.

Unfortunately, it’s gotten tithe point where it eats up 12 D batteries over the course of a single tailgate. Not only is that expensive, but it’s not very friendly to the environment.

To rectify the situation, I went ahead and picked up Jawbone’s BIG JAMBOX Bluetooth speaker. After giving it a test run tonight listening to The Who’s “Who’s Next”, I can attest this thing has some pretty good sound! At just 10″ I’m a bit amazed at what it can do. I’m very excited for this weekend’s UofA / Oklahoma State to give it a proper test run. That, and let’s be honest – we will probably need something to look forward to other than the game.

Side note: I’m not making any assumptions about my team, just trying to keep expectations at bay – they are undergoing a major transition and well… OSU won last week by the tune of 84-0!