Bowl-O-Rama 2011 Champion!

I don’t tend to brag about things, but I’m not holding back on this one.  I’m thoroughly excited about winning this year’s Bowl-O-Rama!  After a few years of toiling somewhere in the middle of the pack, I’ve figured it all out.  At least for one year.

So how did I do it?  Math!

I didn’t have a great season in NFL Pick Em this year – I think it’s because my Excel spreadsheet had far too few columns.  When it came to college games and this year’s BOR, I extended calculations to include various statistics from at least four different sources, weighted them to my own preferences (critical to the outcome), and most of the work was done! After the number crunching, there were just a handful of games that the stats just couldn’t figure out, so I had to make my own calls – but even so, I ended up doing all right.

I’m not about to give out the formulas involved, but I know a lot of folks just ended up making picks at random. This is how championships are won: