LA Times Two

Four weekends.  Three cities.  Tucson the first two weekends to watch my Wildcats lose to top 10 teams.  Los Angeles the third weekend…  Outcome is TBD, but I’m keeping expectations low.  Having seen them lose badly in San Diego and San Antonio over the past couple of years has made me less hopeful.  Maybe they’ll surprise me.

Next weekend, I’m making my second annual visit to the South.  My Dad and I will be landing in Shreveport to visit my brother, and will be making the road trip down to Baton Rouge to watch a match up of potentially two top 10 teams.  LSU is #1, and Florida is knocking on the door of the top 10.  A win this weekend and it’s just about a sure thing that College Gameday will be set up near Death Valley.

Keep an eye on this blog for photos – these weekends are sure to be fun!

In closing, Bear Down, and Geaux Tigers!