Change? Yes, Please.

It’s easy to have a desire to maintain the status quo, when all is well for you.

That’s how my stance on health care reform has been for the past couple of years.  I’ve always had coverage through employers, and have never had to worry about anything drastic happening, because I have had group health care plans to take care of my medical needs.

If it works for me, why should we change it?  If I’m paying for my own coverage, why should other people get free coverage in some sort of crazy reform?  That’s the easy way to think about it.

All it takes is for one strong case to compell you to change your mind.  One blog post to come across your twitter feed and give you that visceral reaction and make you realize that there are a lot of people out there in distress.  This happened to me, and I was nauseated with the way the insurance company handled things.  And the worst part is that this happens every day to many people in a variety of circumstances, as the rest of us sit idly by wanting to keep things the way they are “because it works for me”.

Read the following blog posts, and tell me you aren’t moved.  Tell me it’s not time for some sort of change:

There are other models that work.  I hope our leaders in Washington get things figured out, and we can truly be a compassionate society. 

This isn’t about socialism – it’s about being humane.  I realize that many who read my blog have already come to realize this.

To the über conservatives who are fighting against changing the health care system (and to the rest of you – sorry for simply falling back on a cliché):

What Would Jesus Do?