On Brett Favre

I’ve said before that he’s either got to be a real jackass, or a real dumbass, to do the things he’s done lately.

I’d like to think the latter.

I understand the drive to play, to win, and to make copious amounts of cash. I can’t fault him on that. But the way he’s gone about things the past few years has been ridiculous. To go back and forth so many times and to drag so many people in the mud with him, he’s got to be a dumbass to not realize the negative impact he’s had on himself and the teams he’s been in contact with.

I’m okay with cheering for a dumbass who can play good football.  I’ll just keep telling myself that’s what it’s all about.

My brand new #4 jersey will be semi-retired to the back of the closet, without even being worn once. I will bring it out, no doubt, a few years down the line… When he is inducted into the Hall of Fame and the Packers Hall of Fame, and has his number retired at Lambeau.

Until then, we’ve got #12 and a great group of young guys on the rise in Green Bay. We’ll sack your Brett Favre, your Jay Cutler, and all the rest – AND CRUNCH THEM LIKE THEY’RE CRACKERS!!!