MLB All Star 2009 – Vote For Reynolds!

Mark Reynolds earned my respect this weekend. He began on Friday night by criticizing his teammates:

We look like the damn Bad News Bears out there, and it’s frustrating as hell.

It’s to the point where stuff’s got to change. You can give all the rah-rah speeches you want and have all the team meetings you want and yell at guys, but guys have got to give a damn.

I don’t really see it. I know I care. I’m out there busting my tail every night trying to win. Physical errors are fine, but guys loafing, guys not being where they’re supposed to be or guys giving up on (at-bats), it’s not acceptable at any level.

I don’t want to say guys are packing it in, but it sure seems like it, and it pisses me off.

(Hinch) is trying to do everything he can to get us to snap out of this,” Reynolds said. “We’re not responding. . . . It’s a piss-poor effort, and it feels like night in and night out it’s the same old song. It’s just not fun to be in this clubhouse right now. I don’t know what it’s going to take to change it.


All in all, he spoke the truth. And sometimes the truth stings. Rather than get upset, his teammates seemed to share his frustrations. Though they may be a longshot for the playoffs, they began to play with a desire to win once again this weekend. Reynolds led that charge, with a three run blast in yesterday’s victory over the Rockies to tie the game in the sixth inning.

He’s a young kid, with a lot of potential. If he can develop a better eye for good pitches, and if he can stay healthy, he’s got future hall of famer written all over him. Let’s get him started early, and send him to St. Louis!

Follow Up:  Voting has ended, and Reynolds placed third in voting.  Oh well.  He’ll get some attention once the Dbacks get their act together and become playoff contenders…