Hit the RESET button


I’m at it again.  It is once again time to give schlagging.com an overhaul.

Thanks to the guys over at This Week in Tech, I’ve been turned on to a hosting service called Squarespace.  Squarespace provides a very user friendly interface for maintaining websites, and I’m absolutely loving it.

No longer do I have to edit html / php / js / css files on my computer, upload via ftp, and click refresh to view changes.  I can now literally click, drag, and drop to get things done on my site.  There’s a learning curve, but it really is quite intuitive.

With the new technology in place, I’m ready to evolve my web presence just as the web evolves itself.

Gone are the U of A butt shorts (don’t worry – they live on in the favicon, and you can click here to get your fix).  I think the new background says a lot about who I am.

Gone are the old blog archives.  I’ve got a copy of the database backed up, but I see no reason to keep them online.  There wasn’t much substance on a consistent basis, and other sites like facebook and twitter have given me an outlet for linking to things and microblogging.

So what will I end up doing here?  I’m still not sure.  I’ll figure it out as I go.